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Knights of Rock live, is a series of unique exciting interactive shows that gives you and your guest the ultimate backstage pass of the largest concert tours from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s​. 

The shows are entertaining as well as valuable for corporate training, team building and motivation.

" We were great at a lot of things, but masters at getting them done".

Every year we moved a large multi million dollar virtual corporations around the world conquering all language barriers, obstacles and against all odds and destroying the traditional capitalistic business process.   

Great music is at the core of the historic tours the were produced and shared by the Knights of Rock to create an exciting sonic and visual foundation for every episode of each live shows. 

Each  show's experience chronicles the most epic music tours in history told by the people that produced them. Tour managers, stage techs, and security personnel live on stage together sharing their personal behind the scenes stories using their personal never before seen footage to tell the true story about rock n roll’s most covenant period.

The Knights Of Rock interactive shows include audience Q&A and shares the details of how the mavericks responsible for giving music its golden era by rebelling against the system and grew the diminutive music business to be larger than IBM, AT&T and Coke-Cola.​​ 

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