Knights  Of   Rock

"We weren’t comfortable unless we were in that space between crazy and genius."

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Knights of Rock is a multi platform TV/Internet series that gives the audience a backstage pass and real first hand account of the epic concert tours from the 1960’s through the 1990’s

The show chronicles the most groundbreaking music tours in history told by the people that were on them. Tour managers, techs, and security, personnel are gathered together sharing exhilarating experiences with behind the scenes stories of these historical tours that created an industry.

Never before seen footage, photographs, private behind the scenes recordings and home movies create a sonic and visual foundation that chronicles the great music and ingenuity that was at the core of these historic tours.

The show’s unscripted live roundtable conversations details how the people responsible for giving rock and roll music its golden era were non-conforming mavericks that challenged the status quo to change the world.

“Nobody took us seriously until millions loved us, then they feared us!”

Before music became sanitized pre-packaged corporate brands, rock and roll was run by a group of pioneers who took these massive stars on the road with only one rule, “There are no rules.”

Knights of Rock pulls back the curtain and gives people the ultimate backstage pass sharing the thrill of living life on the road and leaving people shouting,